Wedding Preparation Timeline

Preparing for your wedding day can be the most exciting and the most stressful time of your life! We have put together a selection of wedding beauty prep words to ensure you take some time out to relax and ensure that you look like a glowing vision of beauty gliding down the isle to the love of your life, which will (hopefully!) make him or her say WOW!

5-6 months before

This is the best time to set aside 1 day a week where the two of you are banned from mentioning the “W” word. Sit down to a film and a glass of wine and relax!

Thinking of a change of hairstyle? Discuss any changes with your stylist now but don’t go too drastic unless you have a set plan of how you are wanting your hair and make up to look on the big day.

A lot of Brides tend to leave skin care to the last minute. Book regular monthly facials to ensure your skin is fresh and glowing, you certainly don’t want a massive breakout appear the night before the wedding! Eeeek! (if you do get a spot on the day what ever you do DO NOT SQUEEZE IT! Its easier for your make up artist to cover a spot than a big angry weeping crater!)

3-4 months before

Unless your using your regular hairdresser you should really be looking into finding a stylist and make up artist for your wedding day beautifications, and booking trials in. Go on Pinterest and Instagram to look for hairspiration and get an idea of what you would like. Remember not all styles are suitable for all hair types so get a few ideas and run it by your hairdresser to get his/her input.

Fancy a sun kissed glow to compliment your wedding dress? Book a trial spray tan in for the next few weeks. SiennaX do a range of different strength tan solutions, there’s a tan to suit even the fairest of complexions.

1-2 months before

Have a trial run of your hair and make up. Wear something a similar colour to your wedding dress as this will give you an idea of how the light will affect the overall look.

If your wearing a veil don’t forget to take it along to your trial appointment!

If you don’t already have a professional beautician working on your brows book an appointment for a brow shape.

If you are doing your own make up make sure you have all the products you need and start practising now.

A tip for whiter teeth on your wedding day: Cut down on tea, coffee and red wine now. Start using a whitening toothpaste or book in with your dentist for a professional teeth whitening treatment.

2 weeks before

You should have your final hair cut and colour appointment this week! Remember, no drastic changes!

Exfoliate and moisturise, paying close attention to your hands, feet and elbows.

Drink plenty of water, this keeps the skin hydrated and fresh looking.

Confirm all your wedding day appointments!

1 week before

Avoid all those naughty snacks! Salty foods and alcohol can dehydrate your skin. Carrot sticks and cucumber, nuts and seeds are yummy healthy snacking alternatives.

You should have your final brow shape and all waxing done this week ready for the wedding night and honeymoon!

And why not treat yourself to a massage with your last pre-wedding facial. Absolute bliss!

1 day before

EEEEEK its nearly there!
Water, water, water, drink plenty for beautiful skin!
Pack your essential beauty kit and chuck in a mini sewing kit. (you can never be too organised)

Head to your manicure and pedicure appointment!

In the evening have a nice glass of wine, and long soak in the bath. RELAX!

Wedding day!!

You made it! After months of preparation the day has arrived to get MARRIED!

Make sure you wear a top you can easily take off so you don’t ruin your beautiful wedding do.


Our team can ensure that all your beauty prep is done in the run up to the big day and also service the whole bridal party, ensuring that hair and make up is done to perfection so you can look back at those photo’s for years to come with fond memories!

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