After having my KeraStraight treatment my hair is visibly smoother and softer. I’m styling my hair less often and it’s more manageable. Even though the KeraStraight treatment isn’t a straightening treatment my hair is more straighter. The treatment is worth every penny. Thank you to the team at the Style Lounge another amazing product!


I have naturally curly, shoulder length hair which is coloured and highlighted regularly. I was excited to try the new KeraStraight treatment at the Style Lounge in January and I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the results. I didn’t want dead straight hair, which KeraStraight is well known for, but I definitely wanted the frizz gone and to keep my curls. This treatment can be altered to achieve this result very easily and so just a couple of hours later I left the salon with the recommended shampoo and conditioner and instructions for the simple aftercare.
I’ve been so amazed at how it’s left my hair – glossy, bouncy curls and they’re so soft! It lasts up to four months and so I can go out in our changeable weather and my hair is hardly affected by any humidity as it was before. So I just wanted to say a big grateful thanks to Laura for suggesting it in the first place. It has met all my hair needs and made my life easier! Love it!!