Laura has recently completed her colour specialist degree with L’Oréal and passed with a 96% credit. Laura has been qualified for 7 years. She wanted to be a hairdresser from the age of 13 where she started a Saturday Job in a hair salon. Laura’s hair was always long and brown, after a few months in the Salon, her hair was cut into a short bob with Icy blonde slices through the front. Her confidence grew with her new adventurous look and with more compliments than ever she decided she wanted to help other people feel the confidence that she felt as well as the rewards of creating something beautiful.

Courses Laura has attended:
• Colour Specialist degree with L’Oréal
• Sax Hair-up
• Tigi Transition
• Barbering
• Intensive Cutting London
• Creative Cutting London
• GHD training

Hair Tip: Always blast your hair with cold air after blow-drying, this will help the style set and stay beautiful all day!

Celebrity Icon: Victoria Beckham, “She’s really original and always looks amazing”, (she is secretly still in love with her stunning choppy blonde bob).