Spray tans have come a long way from the orange glow of years passed. With lots of money being spent by tanning companies on developing the most natural and nourishing glow spray tans have never been better!


When having a spray tan there is some prep work you have to do to ensure your gorgeous bronzed glow comes out even and perfect.

  1. For a week or two before your tan ensure you exfoliate and moisturise regularly. Paying particular attention to your elbows, knees and ankles.
  2. Do any hair removal at least 24 hours before your tan.
  3. Don’t wear deodorant on the day of your tan (or at least remove it before your tan) when spray tan mixes with your deodorant it turns a lovely shade of green. Green armpits aren’t a good look for anyone!
  4. Wear loose clothing; tight clothes such as bras will rub off areas of your tan. Baggy tops and joggers or a maxi dress are usually a good idea.
  5. Don’t do anything that may splash your tan, it needs to stay on for 8-10 hours so no washing up!
  6. Don’t use a loofa when washing the tan off. Use your hands and a mild wash or the same brand products. And pat dry. Do not rub.
  7. Avoid baby oil or oil based moisturising products. These will fade your tan quicker. Ideally you want to be using the branded moisturiser or tan extender. The products made by the tanning brand are designed to help your tan last longer and stay even.
  8. Show it off! No point in having a tan if you’re going to hide it away! Enjoy it and feel sexy!


Some tans contain Q10, this means they are even more nourishing for the skin! Try SiennaX Q10 for a luxurious tan that leaves your skin soft and supple. If you want a last minute tan SiennaX Tonights the Night develops in 2-4 hours!